Mission Statement:

Chipuka means “to sprout” in Kiswahili. This word embodies The CHIPUKA Center's aim to empower youth, teachers, and community members in Tanzania to gain the individualized academic and life skills needed to thrive in their own educational and professional careers.

Our Vision:

CHIPUKA, as an acronym, stands for the "Center for Helping Inspire Progress through the Unification of Knowledge and Ambition". CHIPUKA aims to encourage progress for individuals, the community, and Tanzania as a whole by customizing education to the needs of its participants. The CHIPUKA Center's purpose is to provide supplemental education for members of the Arusha community who will, in turn, invest their knowledge and ambitions in Tanzania and beyond.

Summary of Services:

*After-School Support and Tutoring for Grades 3 through Graduation Level
  • Supervised homework guidance and assistance
  • Extension activities based on stated needs
*College Counseling
  • Mentoring students on how to successfully choose a university that is right for them
  • Establishing connections between universities abroad and students in Tanzania
*Educational Workshops/Teacher Training
  • Community workshops, i.e. How to build a successful resume; English language classes
  • Teacher Training seminars, i.e. Creative lesson planning, alternative classroom management techniques