The CHIPUKA after-school support and tutoring program aims to assist children who need extra help in academic topics. Students, for example, will receive help with their homework and individualized assistance in reading, writing, mathematics, long-term projects, organizational skills, and other targeted areas.  


The CHIPUKA Center offers individual tutoring to children who need extra help in specific academic topics. Tutors will provide one-on-one assistance and extension activities for targeted areas identified by the parents and student.

The CHIPUKA college counseling program aims to empower Secondary students to be able to make decisions about where to attend college and how to plan for their future careers. This program provides the opportunity for students to make connections with universities around the globe, gain entrepreneurial skills, prepare for the PSAT/SAT entry exams, and obtain a holistic view of their talents and skills in order to promote personal success.

The CHIPUKA Center offers educational workshops and teacher training seminars to local community members. These sessions aim to develop and strengthen teaching pedagogy and provide a communal atmosphere for improving various professional skills. Examples of educational workshops range from: how to create a successful resume, personal website/blog design, creative lesson planning, creative classroom set-up/design, ESL techniques to use in the classroom, etc. These seminars are based on needs expressed by the community or specific clients, and days/timings may be determined by the participants in cooperation with our staff.