Educational Assessment

A core value at CHIPUKA is to expand students’ opportunities for learning. Therefore, The CHIPUKA Center also serves as a safe space for students to be tested for possible learning impairments. Dr. Robin Peterson, who is a local clinical psychologist, will work as a consultant at The CHIPUKA Center to administer relevant educational assessments by appointment. As a result of the fact that these tests, for example the Woodcock-Johnson, were developed for native English speakers, caution must be taken to ensure cultural relevancy to its participants. Although the administration of educational assessments is not a central service at The CHIPUKA Center, offering a private, supportive space for testing to occur as well as encouragement for the breakdown of cultural stigmas regarding learning disabilities, is representative of one of CHIPUKA’s most significant values: that every child should have an equal opportunity to learn and thrive.
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For more information or to make a testing appointment, contact Dr. Robin Peterson: