YUM: Active Learning at its BEST

Active learning took a delicious turn yesterday as Tony, Anthony, and Jasper hosted a 5-course meal for 9 adults!

The menu: 1) Lemongrass lemonade 2) Shrimp cocktail 3) Vegetarian pasta with tomato base 4) Arugula salad with garlic-herb dressing and 5) White chocolate mousse

Joanne Hindle, our incredible SpLd specialist teacher, led our boys through weeks of planning the menu, budgeting and shopping for ingredients, and prepping/cooking/executing the meal presentation (including washing dishes!). The boys showcased their resourcefulness and responsibility, worked as an awesome team, and impressed every single one of us beyond belief.

Thank you, Jo, for being a teacher who relentlessly goes above and beyond and nurtures children's souls with what learning is really about. And thank you Tony, Anthony, and Jasper for showing us what you're made of: amazing magic.