Reciprocal Teaching + Learning with Mama Eva

We're cheesing for the photo...but this Friday brought some serious English language skill building! Mama Eva's dedication to learning English is beyond inspiring. She doesn't know it, but she's also my teacher, as our exchanges challenge me to learn and use Swahili multiple times a week.

Cheers to rewarding work and to the weekend!


I Thought it was an Orange...

Today, Shanisa, Becky, Ume, and Ms. Nabb wrapped up their week of morning sessions with a creative writing workshop. The girls focused on the senses, while observing a simple, little lemon, and came up with so many incredible descriptions! Check out this poem... created from melding the words from their unique experiences and beautiful imaginations!

Math Antics!

On Thursdays, we are lucky enough to work with math whiz, Bram. This week, he and Ms. Nabb were working on CIRCLES, and we found this great video overview from Math Antics! The website has fantastically clear and informative video tutorials for a range of math topics, from fractions to algebra basics... check it out!